So, a couple of years ago when I was unloading a variety of fresh baked pies onto the bakery shelves at Richmond Country Farms, I overheard a bit of a conversation between a cashier at the market and an elderly gentleman.
I couldn't make out the true depth of the conversation but I heard enough to know the customer had some sort of complaint and the cashier was trying her best at an explanation, thats when she spotted me.
Immediately she mentioned to the man that the "Pie Lady" was right behind him and would be happy to answer any questions that he might have about the fresh baked pies.. 
I promptly flashed him a smile and said Hi, How can I help you?
He turned on his heels and showed me a pie box and said, "Whats the matter with the blueberry pie?" I didn't quite understand and asked him to explain, of which he added adamantly , "It has no crust on the top!"
I smiled again a smile of affirmation and said yes, sir, THAT pie sir, is a diet pie. It only has crust on the top. He miffed, and muttered and sputtered and stammered and responded with "Diet Pie?" 
Yes, Diet Pie. I explained that some people nowadays were conscious of their health and thought pie was fattening and didn't want to include it in their diet so we made a tart style pie with only one crust to be appealing to that certain crowd.
Diet Pie. We also call them tarts or galettes and they are my favorite to make. I still brush the tops with milk and sprinkle with sugar, then they get a dusting of icing sugar once out of the oven. Yum.
Any flavour, any berry, any topping, they are fabulous! 

A few ideas for serving galettes can be to fill or mound  the center of the galettes with fresh berries, ice cream or whip cream. Then drizzle with a caramel syrup, berry syrup or any treats like chocolate, chopped nuts or more fruit.

Here's a recipe from the NY Times, be creative, have fun. Eat Pie.

Cheers, Joanne