I LOVE this time of year.
Everything about it. The skies. the smells, the sounds, the colors.
Call it Autumn, Fall, sweater weather, whatever. It smacks of passion, creativity, 
home, warmth, I could go on forever.

Plus its harvest time for an abundance of local produce, and some of my favorite 
things including grapes and apples. 
Which brings me to the point of this blog and 
a phrase that my Dad used to say all the time, "How about them apples?"

Apple Pie is the perfect compliment to any fall meal, its even eaten for breakfast 
in my house, and was one of the best sellers for Thanksgiving this year. I like to 
combine varieties and textures of different apples in my pies to create the best 
flavour. I choose a soft variety like a MacIntosh or Spartan and mix it with a Fuji, 
Gala or Gravenstein, or whatever else the neighbours toss my way from their trees! 

If you have an old apple tree on your property and unsure of what variety it produces, take a couple of apple samples (up to 6 types) out to UBC this weekend. A panel of Master Garden experts will be on hand at the Annual Apple Festival and they'll hopefully be up to the challenge of answering your questions about the apples in your yard! How about "them apples?

Plus there's a brand new exciting variety of apple being launched at the event, Canada's newest apple has been 25 years in the making.  On Saturday at 1:00 on the main stage, be the first to discover the new name for apple SPA493!
UBC Apple Festival 
October 13 & 14
11am - 4pm
$4.00 admission, kids under 12 Free!

Its a family fun event complete with taste testing more than 70 varieties of apples, information on Heritage apples like the Cox Red Pippen and the Bramley Seedling, plus you'll learn about grafting and cider pressing. 

Both apples and trees will be for sale onsite.


This event is brought to you by the Friends of the UBC Botanical Garden. All proceeds support the educational, research and community programs in the garden - your support helps the garden grow.

... and please, no dogs allowed.

Please remember that Apple pie are still stocked every weekend in October at Richmond Country Farms, plus their freezers will remain full of pies through Christmas.
Plus the Ignite Cafe in Langley will serve both Apple and Pumpkin Pie on their fall menu, and their freezers remain stocked with a variety of pies to take home and bake yourself.

Happy Apple PIcking!