The Almighty Peach

August 24, 2013

Nothing spells out summer like hot day with friends and family. You could be near the beach, in a backyard or someone's field...sunshine, good friends, good food, good wine, and pie. Any kind of pie. But for this family, its all about Peach Pie!

I was an F.E. growing up, otherwise known as a fussy eater. I never ate my Mom's peach pie. Something to do with the fuzz on the peaches. I didn't like it. I didn't like strawberries either, or hamburgers or pizza. I think I was simply choosing to be difficult, it really wasn't about peaches at all. I still don't know why, but I thank god and all those around me with patience who endured the difficult years which led me to the day I finally broke down and tried a bite of peach pie. Oh my freaking god....was that NOT the best thing I had eaten in my life? I cried. I apologized to my Mom in the heavens for never trying it before. Honestly, she didn't care, neither did my brothers and sisters because back in those days it meant there was more for them!

Peach Pie to die for is what I'm proud to say I make. Its Mom's recipe with the best, ripe, fresh, juicy peaches. So ripe that the skin peels off of them and the juice runs down your arm if you try and take a bite. I found the best supplier in Keremeos and am happy to say I'm buying almost 100 pounds this weekend. Unsprayed, ripe with love. 

Guess what I'll be doing for the next few days? Peeling peaches, right? Right!

If you've never tried one, please, find a recipe or source out a local diner or dive or neighbour or granny or friend or farmstand or market who can make one and serve it to your warm, fresh from the oven with a dollop of creme fraiche, or sour cream or ice cream. 
Even if you're full from dinner, you'll find room. Trust me. From this F.E. there's always room for peach pie.
And by the way, there's a freezer full of them at Richmond Country Farms right now.

I hope I've inspired you to try one of mine, or even bake your own. 
xx Joanne


How about them Apples?

October 11, 2012

I LOVE this time of year.
Everything about it. The skies. the smells, the sounds, the colors.
Call it Autumn, Fall, sweater weather, whatever. It smacks of passion, creativity, 
home, warmth, I could go on forever.

Plus its harvest time for an abundance of local produce, and some of my favorite 
things including grapes and apples. 
Which brings me to the point of this blog and 
a phrase that my Dad used to say all the time, "How about them apples?"

Apple Pie is the perfect compliment to any fall m...
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The Diet Pie

September 2, 2012

So, a couple of years ago when I was unloading a variety of fresh baked pies onto the bakery shelves at Richmond Country Farms, I overheard a bit of a conversation between a cashier at the market and an elderly gentleman.
I couldn't make out the true depth of the conversation but I heard enough to know the customer had some sort of complaint and the cashier was trying her best at an explanation, thats when she spotted me.
Immediately she mentioned to the man that the "Pie Lady" was right behin...
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It's PIE season!

July 6, 2012

The month of July just smacks of summer, bright sunshine, the smell of BBQ and a month ripe with freshest ingredients necessary for the best pies ever from the Little Fruit Pie Company.
Even though the season started a little late, its been a great year for Strawberries and they're still ripe for picking! Take advantage of double dipping now as Raspberries are available for pick your own or by the flats on farms from Abbottsford to the coast.
Since June 30th, my ovens have been running non st...
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Day 1 - We're LIVE and its National Pie Day!

January 23, 2012

Happy National Pie Day, and Gung Hei Fat Choy, it's also Chinese New Year! As tradition holds, this is a day to celebrate and rejoice with family, give gifts of money passed in small red envelopes and exchange sweets and treats with friends and neighbours! Do Not wash your hair, do NOT clean your house and do NOT scold your children. So to celebrate both occasions, The Little Fruit Pie Company is launching our website and sharing tips of sweets and treats to everyone within reach! We're happy...
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A passion for Pie

August 24, 2011
Well, you have to start somewhere and I've started with the launch of my new website and a small Blog update about Pies!
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