***Richmond Country Farms is opening April 12th, look for our pies in the freezer ***

                                             Our Apple Pie is on the menu @ The West Village Cafe in Panorama, 152nd and HWY #10 

"The lightest, flakiest crust imaginable!"

                                    Georgia Straight, Best of Vancouver

Do you remember when almost everyone's mom or grandma baked pies? Picture a homemade apple pie cooling on the window sill, makes you feel good doesn't it? I'll bet you can almost smell it.

My mom's specialty was peach pie, and with 5 kids in the family she made a lot of them! Funny, we rarely had a traditional round pie. My mom always used a lasagna pan piled high with fruit and a single layer of crust on top. She brushed the tops with milk and tossed on a sprinkle of sugar. I still use mom's recipe and my pies turn out fabulous and flaky every time.

Starting out in a cozy little farmhouse kitchen in Richmond, The Little Fruit Pie Company has grown up with custom orders, frozen pies, catering & wedding pies but fresh fruit pies are still the specialty.

I bake when fruit is in season; as soon as you can pick BC strawberries in June thru to Thanksgiving. We accept custom orders year round.

A variety of pies will be available in the market at Richmond Country Farms, Steveston Highway at #99, opening for the season on April 12th. Pies are also on the menu by the slice at the West Village Cafe.  

I've been baking pies for more than 38 years and I'm still thrilled when I hear how much people enjoy them. Thanks! 

Joanne Sutton 

 The Little Fruit Pie Company - White Rock, Delta, Langley, Vancouver, Richmond & the lower mainland BC. Call 604-803-1073. email joanne@thelittlefruitpiecompany.com


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